2 Aug

Welcome to the inaugural DC Injury Clinic Blog! Here, I will be updating with short, digestible articles relating to any aspect of injury management and body mechanics. I will aim to give you – the loyal reader!- a brief and understandable breakdown of the anatomy of the injury; self-help tips on how to avoid, or start fixing that injury; and some stretches and strengthening exercises to further aid in your recovery. I also hope to throw in the odd interview with some of my higher profile colleagues and clients – if I can persuade them!

There are no ‘one size fits all’ style quick fixes in most injury scenarios, so these article shouldnt be seen as such. They are merely guides to a better understanding of how our bodies work.

Any particular injury questions you may have are more than welcome, simply email them in to dan@dc-injuryclinic.co.uk, or post them on Twitter @DC_InjuryClinic, or on Facebook Group ‘DC Injury Clinic’.


One Response to “Welcome!”

  1. Kev August 2, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    I’m available for interview

    Thought of doing an article on cowboys vs aliens?

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